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Engraver Ver 01a - Software Features

Engraver is an application designed to engraving operations of writings, drawings etc.

It automatically generates the tool path and the corresponding G-code to be loaded on the CNC machine tools.
Engraver converts in a simple, automatic and fast way your flat designs into designs to engrave on cylindrical surfaces.
As we will see later, although the software is designed exclusively for incisions, you can perform other operations very special and fun. Engraver performs works of engraving on both flat and cylindrical surfaces, also working on the rotary axis "A".
The intuitive graphical interface is as simple as possible to allow for quick and easy data entry and obtain the desired result without any complications.
It is able to handle up to 1000 instructions, repeatable automatically up to 25 times to allow precise incision to the desired depth, in order to generate an ideal tool path for each type of incision.
This software allows you to set:
1. the depth of incision to step; however, the software will calculate the ideal depth step to reach the set engraving depth in a precise manner;
2. for the xyza works ("on cylinder"), the number of repetitions of the incision on the cylinder circumference. There is no limit to the number of repetitions;
3. the offset of the origin of the axes "X ", “Y", "Z", "A", independently on each axis, to allow the incision in the desired coordinates;
4. a scale factor on the axes "X ", " Y", " Z ", " A", independently on each axis , in order to perform the incision by adapting it to the workpiece measures or according to the desired measurements;
5. the speed of penetration (axis “Z”) and shear (axes “X ", "Y ", “A") according to the type of material being cut;
6. the clearance between the tool and work piece to allow adequate space between the tool and the workpiece in the phases of translation between an incision and the other.
In order to facilitate data entry jobs, through a simple automated procedure, you can import coordinates from a text file in the format “xyz" generated by other programs. The attached software “dft2xyz " converts files from DXF format  to an appropriate format recoverable from CNC mdl Engraver software.
You can save up to 1,000 jobs on flat surfaces (“XYZ ") plus an additional 1,000 jobs on the circular surfaces (“xyza "). The archives of the works can be exported to an external file archives and, when appropriate, be recovered.
Both while typing the coordinates or when the work is finished, it is possible to graphically view the work and verify the measurements.
In the display of the work on axes xyza (on cylinder), you can put on view the job compared to the development of the entire cylinder circumference in the process, with the view of both the previous and next incision.
This version operates by linear interpolation of the coordinates. The execution of arcs and circles is possible by tracing very closely spaced dots on the arc or circle to engrave. The software does not do automatically the tool compensation.
The software runs on Excel platform and requires the activation of the macros; the macros are strictly necessary and essential to the proper functioning of the software. It is declared that the macros in this software do not contain malicious code or virus and therefore are believed to be safe. This software does not automatically transmit any data related to the user's computer.